Santa came early for some of our residents

23 Nov 2020

Many of the things we turn to for comfort such as TV, books and newspapers, aren’t always accessible when you are visually impaired. During isolation the radio can be the only thing you can to turn to for news, entertainment and a comforting voice at home.

So, when we heard that charity ‘British Wireless for the Blind Fund’ was supplying radios free of charge to those with sight loss, we applied for the scheme on behalf of 16 of our elderly residents who met the criteria.

A few days later, a very special delivery made it to their door..

Elizabeth, who lives at Protheroe House, our Care & Support scheme in Tottenham, was over the moon when she received hers: “I’m very grateful. I have no sight in one eye and little sight in the other. Chemotherapy treatment affected my vision. I love listening to the radio - it comforts me all night.”

‘Opus radios’ are specifically designed for visually impaired people, with a large easy-to-read LCD display and bright yellow controls.

Barbara, another resident from Protheroe House, hadn’t been able to watch telly lately because of her eye condition. She can now tune in to her favourite radio station, check out the latest news and even listen to audiobooks. “Listening to the radio is important to me. Thank you very much,” she said.

Luckily the service has been running smoothly despite the ongoing restrictions. Through doorstep delivery and phone support the charity has been able to continue helping people across the UK safely.