Mould and condensation

Excess moisture can cause condensation, damp and mould. There are a few simple steps you can take to manage excess moisture in your home.

Cooking, showering and drying clothes indoors can all cause condensation when water vapour makes contact with cold surfaces or where there is poor ventilation, such as windows, exterior walls or behind furniture. This tends to happen during the colder months.

How to prevent condensation, damp and mould in your home

Our repairs team provides some tips on how to manage condensation, damp and mould.

How to prevent the build-up of condensation in summary

  1. Put lids on saucepans when cooking
  2. Dry your washing outside, if your lease permits and it’s practical to do so
  3. Open the bedroom window for 15 minutes each morning
  4. Ventilate rooms regularly and leave doors open to allow air to circulate, unless you're cooking or showering,
  5. If you're cooking, showering or bathing, open the window or put the fan on and close the door of the room you're in.