Leadership 2025 and the Rooney Rule

We apply Leadership 2025 principles and the ‘Rooney Rule’ when recruiting so that female and BAME candidates who meet the essential criteria for our senior management positions are shortlisted for vacancies.

Learn more about the Leadership 2025 programme and principles.

What do we do?

  1. We ensure all our hiring managers understand the importance of diversity. We deliver training on unconscious bias awareness and mitigation, and recruitment best practice.
  2. We use data to measure the effectiveness of our attraction and selection methods to ensure that they are fair and equitable and that opportunities at One Housing are accessible to people from all backgrounds.
  3. We apply the 'Rooney Rule' when shortlisting for vacancies for roles at Band 4 level, equivalent to a Head of Department, or above.

REED, our strategic talent resourcing partner, are also committed to the principles of Leadership 2025.

What is the Rooney Rule and how do we apply it?

Adapted from American football, this is a form of positive action. We recognise that our leadership teams do not reflect our wider workforce or communities, in terms of the representation of women and people from black and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds.

Every person who applies to a role at One Housing is asked to complete a diversity questionnaire and, when applying for a role where we apply the Rooney Rule, they are asked whether or not they consent to their diversity data being taken into consideration at the shortlisting stage.

If this consent is given, candidates who meet the selection criteria for the role and who are female and/or from a BAME background are automatically shortlisted for the next stage in the recruitment process, which is usually an interview.