Who we are

We are a housing association and a not for profit organisation with a strong social purpose. We are part of The Riverside Group Limited. We believe in creating places that people can call home, supporting people to live well and building lasting homes and communities.

Creating places that people call home

We offer a wide range of housing options, including homes for social rent in partnership with local authorities, as well as homes for affordable rent, shared ownership, private rent and private sale. We own and manage over 17,000 homes in London and the South East and are the landlord to over 35,000 residents. It is our responsibility to ensure that our residents are safe and secure in their homes.

Supporting people to live well

Providing care and support to those who are vulnerable is an important part of what we do. Every year we support around 9,000 people with the care and support they need. We work with homeless people; those with complex needs; people with mental health problems; older people and also work in partnership with the NHS and local authorities.

Building homes and communities

Our focus is on the development of homes that people can afford. Our development programme serves that section of the population which is not well provided for and where there is significant need. Wherever possible, we will prioritise the building of genuinely affordable homes. We also have a number of estates where we are working with residents for possible renewal.

One Housing Foundation

One Housing Foundation is our charity. Through our charity, we provide positive social and community activity that supports people to live well and aspire to a better future. As a housing association with a strong social purpose, these activities are not the only thing we do. Helping people when they most need it and adding value in our communities is at the centre of everything we do.


We are a member of a group of London’s largest housing associations. We have the shared purpose to help people in housing need, build more homes and create communities where people can realise their potential. The G15 has launched ‘Our Offer to London’. It sets out how we can collaborate with councils and communities in London to build more genuinely affordable homes.

Together with Tenants

The National Housing Federation’s Together with Tenants initiative objective is to strengthen the relationship between housing associations and tenants and residents. We have signed up as an early adopter and will be helping to test out the proposals, share experiences, findings and feedback.


We belong to PlaceShapers, which is a national network of community-based social housing providers. As a member, we build more than homes; we shape communities and unite around shared values as a voice for change. We have signed up to five key principles.

Homes for Cathy

We are a member of Homes for Cathy which is a national group of housing associations working together to end homelessness. Homes for Cathy are committed to lobbying for solutions that make a difference to homeless people and people at risk of homelessness.

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