Customer Communications Advisory Panel

The way we communicate with our customers, whether it’s the words, tone, format or channel we use, is really important: it can make the difference between someone feeling respected or patronised; the difference between understanding critical information or ignoring it; the difference between giving essential feedback or not letting us know where we need to do better.

The role of our customer communications advisory panel is to give a customer perspective on the communications we produce, to make sure messages are clear, useful, helpful, friendly, and easy to understand and simple to follow.

What does the panel do?

The panel is an informal group which meets virtually. There's no expectation that members will need to give up a lot of time - you can dip in and out and give as much or as little input and time as you are able to. Together we'll be looking at a wide range of communication, including:

  • customer annual review
  • website content
  • publications
  • e-newsletters
  • building safety updates

Who can join?

To be successful, it’s important that the panel is made of up people who reflect our wider customer base. That means tenants, leaseholders and care and support customers are all equally welcome.

How to join

If you'd like to join the panel and provide feedback on the way we communicate, please contact the communications team.