89-year-old Flo goes pie-ral on Social Media after helping those in knead.

20 Oct 2020

A big floury thumbs-up to 89 year-old resident Flo, who has been baking delicious home-made pies for local elderly and vulnerable people since the pandemic began - and thanks to social media she’s receiving world-wide recognition.

Operating from her kitchen in Dovercourt, one of our sheltered schemes in Harwich, Flo makes up to 20 pies a day for Harwich Helps and the North Essex Support Team (NEST) who then provide them free to those most in need. Her current total is 100, although she has no plans to stop just yet.

When asked about the difficulty of producing such numbers from her small kitchen, Flo told BBC Essex: “it isn’t difficult when you’re used to it, I love baking!”.

Keen to share Flo’s efforts with a wider audience, Les Nichol from NEST, decided to share the story on Facebook:

“At the start of the lockdown there was no room for good news… the best thing to do was to put the story on Facebook and ask people to share it so that people can see there is good in the community and good news in these awful times”. Mr Nichols’ post has been shared on Facebook over 49,000 times and has even reached audiences as far away as Australia.