One Housing backs Fuel Poverty Campaign

06 Nov 2020

Currently, six million people, living in 2.4 million households, are suffering through fuel poverty in the UK. A further 200,000 people could fall into fuel poverty as the economy struggles to recover from the impact of the pandemic, new analysis has suggested. 

At One Housing, we believe in building lasting homes and communities. We work hard through our Foundation to make a positive difference to our residents’ lives by promoting aspiration, independence and well-being.

We are working with Home Group, the National Housing Federation and more than 30 housing associations calling on the government and the country’s big six energy providers to take steps to alleviate fuel poverty over the winter months. As a sector we are doing all we can to limit the impact of fuel poverty on our customers. We want to work with the Government and energy providers to the same end.

The Fuel Poverty Campaign asks Government to commit to certain measures to alleviate the pressure on households in a time of need:

  • the government to introduce a one-off coronavirus winter fuel payment of £300 for those households identified as needing more support
  • energy providers to remove standing charges from the same households, with immediate effect
  • energy providers to ensure customers known to be on a higher tariff are moved to a better tariff
  • also, for them to simplify the process and information around switching tariffs.

It’s crucial that we work with the government and energy providers to make sure that our customers get the support they need as no-one should be going cold this Winter.