Care after Covid

02 Mar 2021

Ahead of the budget, we’re calling on the government to address four asks on social care in England.

Supporting people to live well and working in partnership with others to build strong communities has always been our ethos. And whilst being a provider of care to older people and those living with complex needs may not be the easiest thing to do, it is the right thing to do. We have a responsibility to provide stable futures to those who need our help, especially during the pandemic but care providers up and down the country need more support from central government.

The government has an opportunity during Wednesday’s budget to show that they understand the need to provide good quality support and fund care appropriately so ahead of the budget, we’re calling on the government in partnership with others in the care sector, to address four asks on social care in England. We want the government to provide sustainable funding in adult social care, the promotion of collaboration and partnership across health and social care, investment in our frontline workforce and measures that encourage innovation and quality improvement for the betterment of the social care sector.

This budget will no doubt be centred around getting the economy going again, but I do hope that the adult social care crisis isn’t forgotten in the midst of economic stimulus packages. The pandemic has shone a bright light on the care crisis, and this mustn’t be forgotten by Whitehall.

Whatever is brought forward, whether it’s in this budget or the next, should be built on cross-party cooperation and consensus. It also needs to draw on the extensive experience, commitment and passion of all people connected to social care, especially those with lived experience. This is the right way forward so that it lasts, and we can transform the lives of individuals, the communities they are part of and the country as a whole.

Covid-19 has had profound consequences for many in the care sector. But, during such a difficult period, our frontline staff have been amazing. It’s important that, as we slowly emerge from the pandemic, that this is not forgotten, and we don’t default back to where we were. We need to move forward and use this as the basis for a strong new government settlement which benefits those being cared for, the carers and providers.