Repairs process

What you can expect when you book a repair with us.

We aim to provide a responsive, value for money service to make sure that you live in a safe, comfortable and secure home.

Our repairs standards

Emergency repairs

We will attend and complete or make safe emergency repairs within 24 hours. Any follow up work will be raised as a new job and dealt with in line with our routine repair process.

What is an emergency repair?

  • Burst pipes, flooding or a serious water leak inside your home (if the problem is outside the boundary of your property, please contact your water supplier)
  • Blocked drains that need immediate attention
  • Total loss of electricity, gas or water
  • A gas leak or a carbon monoxide incident
  • A potentially hazardous electrical fault
  • Making a property secure, for example after break-in, or a broken front door or unsecure communal entrance doors to blocks
  • Making safe window glazing
  • Complete loss of heating or hot water for all tenants during the period 1 October to 30 April (or all year round for older or vulnerable residents)
  • Failure of warden call system
  • Smoke detector not working (not including batteries)
  • Lift breakdown
  • A fire
Routine repairs

We will attend within seven working days and complete within 28 working days.

Examples of routine repairs

  • Faulty electrical equipment which poses no danger
  • Minor repairs to joinery
  • Faulty bathroom sinks and toilets.

Arranging an appointment with you

If you have an emergency repair, please call us on 0300 123 9966 at any time (our out of hours service will be able to help if you call outside of office hours).

For non-emergency repairs, you can select your own preferred times and days when you report online or through MyOneHousing. These are morning or afternoon appointments for Monday to Friday.

If the team is able to book an appointment time slot during your preferred times, our staff will email or call you to confirm the booking with you.

If they are unable to book an appointment time slot because there is no availability, our staff will call you back to discuss and arrange the booking with you.

The booked appointment will be when you can expect the contractor to arrive on site, not necessarily when the work will be completed.

We understand that circumstances can change. So, if you’re unable to be at home at the arranged time, please contact us directly to re-arrange your appointment.

What to expect on the day of the visit?

If we have your phone number, the repair operative will let you know their estimated time of arrival on the day.

All of our repair operatives carry ID and wear branded uniforms. If someone turns up without ID or uniform, please don’t let them in. You can always call us on 0300 123 9966 if you're in any doubt.

It's important to know that not all repairs can be completed on the first visit.