Report a repair

You can report a repair in a number of different ways.

Latest update: 13 January 2021

Keeping our customers and staff safe is our number one priority and throughout the pandemic we have continued to monitor the situation closely and comply with government guidance to ensure we can do just that.

As you will know, the number of cases across London and the south in particular has risen dramatically in the last couple of weeks due to a new far more virulent and transmissible strain of the virus. As a result, some of our teams are now working with reduced staff numbers. We have therefore, reluctantly, taken the decision to deal with emergency repairs only from this Thursday, 14 January 2021.

  • If you’ve recently booked a routine repair, we will be in touch in the coming days to discuss rescheduling it once the situation improves.
  • As well as emergency repairs, we’ll continue to carry out gas, fire and electrical safety checks that we are required to do by law.
  • Our cleaning and grounds maintenance services will also continue, and on-site staff including caretakers and concierges will pay extra attention to sanitising frequent touch points, such as communal doors and lift buttons.
  • Please be assured that we have carried out thorough risk assessments and our staff will follow strict covid-secure guidelines whenever they come into your home. See below for more details.
  • Please make sure you also follow social distancing guidelines when our staff or contractors need to come into your home. See below for more information on what you can do to help keep everyone safe.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding whilst we do everything we can to maintain essential services to our customers.

How we're keeping everyone safe

Whether someone needs to come inside your home to carry out a safety check or a repair, we have robust measures in place to keep everyone safe and protected and our engineers will:

  • maintain social distancing of at least 2 metres
  • wear appropriate Public Health England approved protective equipment
  • use sanitiser and wipe surfaces down when they’ve completed a repair or safety check
  • wear high vis jackets which have a message printed on them which reminds residents to maintain the 2m social distancing rule
  • place a sign/barrier close to where they’re working, to protect everyone’s safety.

How you can help

  • Please make sure you let us know if anyone in your household is unwell or self-isolating so that our engineers are prepared with the necessary protective equipment
  • If anyone in your household develops symptoms after reporting a repair but before the appointment, please let us know and we will rearrange the appointment.
  • Maintain a safe distance of at least 2 metres from our engineers - if possible please wait in a different room whilst they do their job. If you live in a studio apartment, please consider waiting outside.
  • Keeping rooms well ventilated makes a real difference so please open windows where people are working
  • Remove items from the area where engineers will be working and clean it thoroughly before they start - they'll clean the area thoroughly too when they finish.
  • Please do be aware that if our staff feel their safety is being compromised in any way, they may stop even if the job isn't completed.

You can find out more on our coronavirus advice page.

If you have an emergency repair, please call us on 0300 123 9966 (our out of hours service will be able to help if you call outside of office hours). You can find details here of what we deal with as an emergency.

To report all other repairs, the quickest and simplest way is through MyOneHousing. By doing so, you can track the status of your repair. You will need to register if you have not used this service before. Please note that this service isn't available to market rent tenants.

Login or register with MyOneHousing to report a repair

Other ways to report a repair

Social and intermediate tenants, and leaseholders (except Berkshire residents)

Our dedicated in-house repairs and maintenance team look after our properties across London and the South East.


Please let us know if any members of your household are self-isolating.

Complete our repair form. Please provide as much information as you can so we can book the repair with you.


Call us on 0300 123 9966 (8am-6pm, Monday to Friday).

In an emergency, out of hours, call: 0300 123 9966

For social and intermediate tenants, and leaseholders living in Berkshire

In the Berkshire area we work with contractor Housing Solutions to provide our repairs service.

Their opening hours are:

  • Monday  8.45am-5.15pm
  • Tuesday  8.45am-5.15pm
  • Wednesday  10am-5.15pm
  • Thursday  8.45am-5.15pm
  • Friday  8.45am-4.45pm

For residents with hearing difficulties, call 01628 638136.

In an emergency, out of hours, call: 0300 123 9966

Market rent tenants

Call: 0300 123 2033 (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday)

In an emergency, out of hours, call: 0300 123 9966. Please inform the operator that you are a market rent tenant.

Emergency contact details

In an emergency, call us on 0300 123 9966.

Gas leaks

If you smell gas or are worried there might be a carbon monoxide leak, call the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999.

Water leaks

To report a leak outside your property boundary, call Thames Water on 0800 714 614.

Power cut

To report a power cut, call UK Power Networks on 105 or 0800 3163 105.