Our key workers and what essential services they are providing

Many of our frontline teams carry out essential work in and around our buildings.

Many of our frontline colleagues, including our repairs team, grounds maintenance staff, cleaners and caretakers, carry out vital work in and around our buildings - anything from fixing emergency repairs and maintaining stringent hygiene throughout communal areas, to ensuring we comply with all safety legislation and looking out for our residents, some of whom are vulnerable. Our services are currently deemed critical to public safety and welfare.

Because the services they deliver are essential to maintaining safe homes and neighbourhoods, and are deemed critical to public safety and welfare, these colleagues are classed as key workers.

What kind of services are they providing?

  • Investigating issues which could, or have already, caused significant damage to homes, such as roof leaks, flooding, fire or structural damage
  • Total loss of electricity, mains water, hot water and/or heating
  • Emergency works to external or internal communal areas, for example loss of communal lighting or water leaks
  • Building safety checks, including fire prevention duties such as waking watch, removing bulk waste and items left in communal areas to reduce fire risks
  • Helping local authorities maintain waste management and pest control
  • Regulatory service checks, such as fire risk assessments, gas boiler servicing, fire warden and waking watch duties, electrical testing
  • Fire remediation work
  • Repairs that pose potential danger to the public
  • Delivering food, medicine or other essential items to vulnerable residents.

If you see members of our frontline teams out and about and you’re not sure why they are there, please do feel free to ask them. They all carry letters from our Chief Operating Officer, Chyrel Brown, stating that the work they are doing is essential. If you are in any doubt, please contact us on 0300 123 9966 or ask@onehousing.co.uk.