What you can expect from our repairs service

Here you can find details of the repairs service that we are providing and the safety checks we're carrying out.

How we're keeping everyone safe

Whether someone needs to come inside your home to carry out a safety check or a repair, we have robust infection control measures in place to keep everyone safe and protected and our engineers:

  • are encouraged to undertake twice weekly lateral flow testing
  • wear appropriate Public Health England approved protective equipment
  • maintain hygiene measures such as wiping down surfaces when they’ve completed a repair or safety check
  • continue to sanitise their tools and equipment, before and after every appointment
  • carry out ‘at the front door’ triage assessments to confirm if any household member has an infectious illness such flu, mumps etc

How you can help

  • Please make sure you let us know if anyone in your household is unwell
  • Keeping rooms well ventilated makes a real difference so please open windows where people are working
  • Remove items from the area where engineers will be working and clean it thoroughly before they start - they'll clean the area thoroughly too when they finish. This will help us speed up the repair process.

How to report a repair

You can find out how to report a repair here. To find out what kind of repairs we carry out, please check here.

Safety checks

Safety remains our top priority and we have an ongoing legal obligation to co carry out all critical safety checks of gas and electrics in your homes. It’s essential that you let us into your home to carry out these checks.

If the appointment you’ve been given is inconvenient, please call us on 0300 123 9966 or email ask@onehousing.co.uk to re-arrange it.

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