Ending your tenancy

If you wish to end your tenancy, you must give at least four weeks notice to end a tenancy.

Tenancies end on a Sunday so notice must be given on a Monday for that week to count in the notice period. Notice given on a Tuesday onwards will start from the following Monday. Please note that notice must be given in writing, usually by completing a tenancy termination form.

Please note that residents living in a market rented home must give two months notice.

Once you have handed in your notice, you must pay rent until the end of your notice when you must return all keys and fobs. You must also remove all your personal belongings.

Before you move out, we will need to inspect your home to assess if there are any repairs or redecoration that you are responsible for. You may be charged for any damage to the property beyond usual wear and tear.

We may ask for access during the notice period to allow a prospective tenant to view the property. We will work with you to agree a time that is convenient for you if we ask you to allow such a viewing.

If you are giving notice due to the death of a tenant, we will ask you to provide details of who you are and a copy of the death certificate.

Leaving the property

Before you leave you will need to remove all your possessions and leave the property clean and tidy. We will charge you for the removal and disposal of any items you have left in the property once you vacate and the tenancy has ended.

Please note that you cannot leave furniture or bulky items in a communal bin store. Some councils collect bulky items so please get in touch with your local council to arrange a clearance.

On the day you move out you should take readings from any gas, electric or water meters and inform the utility companies that you are moving out and provide them with a forwarding address.

Don’t forget to inform Council Tax and the DWP of your new address.

We would advise that you arrange for your post to be redirected from the date you move out. You can arrange this through the Post Office.

Please complete our Tenancy Termination Form and we will contact you to confirm when your tenancy will end and what you must do before it can end.