What do I need permission for?

There are a number of things that you must get our permission for as a condition of your tenancy.

Getting a pet

We recognise that there are many benefits in having a pet, including relieving loneliness, lowering stress levels and helping us get fit, but as a landlord we must consider the impact a pet in your home can have on your neighbours.

You should read our Pet Policy Statement carefully and fill in the Pet Ownership Agreement. You don't need to get our permission to have a small pet that lives in a cage, vivarium or fish tank.

Failure to get our permission or adhere to the conditions in the agreement may result in action being taken against you.

Home Improvements

You don’t need our permission to decorate, make simple repairs or carry out small improvements such as changing a light fitting or internal doors, but you do need our permission for anything more complicated. You should check your tenancy on what improvements you can make.

You'll need our written permission before you start any improvements and should write to us with full details of the changes you are proposing to make. You'll have to pay for the improvements yourself but if you move out we may offer you some compensation depending on:

  • How much the improvement cost
  • How long it will last
  • If you followed the conditions set out when permission was granted

Property alteration application form

Taking in a lodger

Depending on what type of tenancy you have, you may be able to take in a lodger. You will be responsible for your lodger’s behaviour and you should make sure you draw up an agreement with them that covers:

  • How much rent they have to pay you and if they have to contribute to any bills
  • How long they can stay with you and how much notice they need to give you
  • Which rooms that will have access to and any services you will provide
  • Any house rules

You can find out more information on taking in a lodger here. If you want to go ahead you will need to complete our Lodger Application Form

Running a business from your home

We will usually grant permission for you to run a business from your home as long as it doesn’t break any planning laws and/or cause any nuisance or disturbance to your neighbours. You will not be able to have any advertising that is visible from outside your home.

Please see the table below for guidance on whether we will grant permission for running a business.

Usually will grant permission for

Will not grant permission for


Using part of your home as an office

Hair or beauty treatments

Cleaning services

Vehicle repairs

Animal breeding or running a kennel

Taxi, courier or delivery services

Any business that involves a lot of clients visiting your home

If you have any questions about any of this permissions on this page, you can email us at ask@onehousing.co.uk